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Member Testimonials

Our members are residents and commuters, who want to save time and spend more time with their families rather than circling the block.

Why join our community?

Our members appreciate the parking community and believe it saves them money and time. Members go above and beyond to help others.


From February 2022 to October 2022, there have been 453 successful parking shares.


Currently, we have communities on the Upper East Side (E60-E97th Street), Upper West Side (E70-84th Street), and Park Slope, Brooklyn (9th to Union St).

Parking Community Leaderboard

In our most recent 2022 Community Parking challenge that ended October 2022, we'd like to recognize the winners.

Community Parking Champions

UES E70-97th St groups: Magda

UES E60-69th St group: RMG

Act of Kindness Award


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