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Parking Buddy Rules :-)

In order to ensure you have a positive parking experience, kindly read and follow the parking buddy rules below.

Parking Buddy Rules

1. Do NOT walk towards your car (with keys in hand), start your car engine, or be inside your car before you get notified that your parking buddy has arrived behind you, next to your parked car, and is ready to share their parking spot.

2. Be courteous, considerate, and patient with your parking buddy, and always edit your schedule as it changes.

3. Be on time when you are swapping spots with your parking buddy. Please do not frequently make your parking buddy wait. If you are consistently late, you will be unmatched and not receive parking points for the share.

4. Enjoy using the app and share it with your family and friends.

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It is illegal and will cause fights, quarrels, the police, etc --- don't do this, please. You cannot reserve public property

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